Welcome to GHGs German Desk

German Desk assists both German and Norwegian speaking clients in all matters within Norwegian and German business law, as well as adjoining areas.

GHG has long-standing connections to, among other things, Germany, Austria and Switzerland, which are important trading partners for Norway. Business success is often contingent on a good understanding of current legal rules, culture and linguistic nuances. Personal contact between the German Desk lawyers and the clients (in the clients' preferred language) provides good opportunities for quick and solution-oriented advice.

We also represent German-speaking clients in cases before the courts and other institutions in Norway.

German Desk is headed by lawyer and Rechtsanwalt (D) Ralf Sedlmayr.

Ralf Sedlmayr has both Norwegian and German lawyers, and both languages speak fluently. Sedlmayr has many years of international experience. Attorney General for the Austrian Embassy in Norway. He has also been chairman of the board of the Norwegian-German Company for many years.

GHG is also a partner for the Norwegian-German Chamber of Commerce in Oslo, as well as a member of the international legal partnerships JCA International and Ars Legis.