GHG is a business law firm that has been providing legal services to national and international players in business, government and the private market since 1977.

We place great emphasis on high quality, concrete, solution-oriented and strategic advice, based on the client's opportunities and defined needs. Progress-oriented advice is often based on a close relationship with the individual client, where the advice can be put into the right strategic and business context.

The counseling will normally be value oriented. The legal services will initially be a support function in relation to the client's goals. The efforts are adapted to the client's opportunities and risks. We are committed to organizing so that you can reach your goals in the best possible way.

For each assignment there is one responsible lawyer, who will work with one or more other of the firm's lawyers as needed. This is determined by the nature of the assignment and the client's wishes. We have a close collaboration between the employees and will be able to offer continuous partner follow-up on the individual issues. We place great emphasis on confidentiality. We do not normally discuss individual matters or client relationships, except when this is the client's expressed desire. This is true even if the mission is assumed to be known to the public. Therefore, these websites will not contain any client references.

Vi påtar oss meget tunge og ressurskrevende oppdrag. De tilgjengelige ressursene er godt dekkende for selv de største oppdrag. Firmaets størrelse gir fleksibilitet og evne til å fokusere på den for klienten optimale løsning.

Through our German Desk, we also provide business law advice within Norwegian-German law.