In line with globalization and increasing competition, it is becoming increasingly important for lawyers, patent agents, accountants and tax advisors to work both nationally and internationally.

Law firms must be able to meet clients' requirements in all areas and expect cooperation between competent law firms.

GHG undertakes very heavy, resource-intensive assignments. The resources available are good for all types of assignments. The size of the company provides flexibility and ability to focus on the optimal solution for the client.

Ars Legis

Since 1993, the international network Ars Legis has offered its member offices and their clients quick and qualified advice and representation also in areas that do not belong to the member office's usual field of work. The client retains his local lawyer as interlocutor, but the lawyer collaborates with other law offices within Ars Legis.

JCA International

Gram, Hambro & Garman is a member of the JCA International European Law Network. JCA International was founded in 1995 and today consists of members in 23 countries.

JCA's strength is close relationships between its members and a high level of quality and competence. Each member has the opportunity to make use of the other members' services when needed.

Membership is limited to one law firm per country, which ensures rapid access to legal expertise from across Europe, and has established contact with law firms worldwide.