Our prices

The remuneration for GHG's services is normally based on time consumption. Work and expenses are invoiced every month with 15 days due. Coverage of clients' expenses normally requires advance agreement, possibly a deposit.

We reserve the right to require an account payment of amounts to cover fees / expenses. Client funds are deposited in a separate client account with the company's bank connection. Deposited client funds are repaid in accordance with the bank's current interest terms, to the extent that the amount earned exceeds half the legal fee.

No administrative supplement is required. Normally the office staff's time spent is included in the lawyers' hourly rates. In special cases, the client will be charged such costs. Specification requirements and specific billing routines must be specifically agreed. For the firm's lawyers, the suggested hourly rates are from NOK 1,400 to NOK 2,100 for proxies, from NOK 2,200 to NOK 2,800 for staff attorneys and from NOK 2,900 to NOK 3,600 for partners.

Lawyer services are subject to VAT. Value added tax therefore normally comes in addition to the mentioned hourly rates.