Banks and other leasing companies are holding security interest in aircraft owned by Norwegian Air Shuttle ASA (“NAS”). A protection of these creditors is regulated in the Cape Town Convention on International Interests in Mobile Equipment of 16 November 2001 and its Protocol on Matters Specific to Aircraft Equipment (collectively referred to as the “CTC”)….

On 15 April, the Norwegian Government proposed to the Parliament a Temporary reconstruction law to remedy financial problems as a result of outbreaks of covid-19 (Reconstruction Act) The proposed new legislation will, if it is passed by the parliament, be favourable for the ongoing restructuring efforts in Norwegian. The proposed legislation includes, among other things,…

Er din bedrift rammet av omsetningstap som følge av tiltakene rundt korona? Da kan du kanskje søke om kompensasjon til nødvendige utgifter. Søknadsprosessen vil i stor grad være automatisert, men det er viktig å være sikker på at opplysningene som sendes inn er korrekte. Både med hensyn til å få riktig kompensasjon, og ikke komme…

The board is a body in an association that varies from joint-stock companies to associations and it is estimated that there are several hundred thousand boards in Norway and even more board members. In essence, the board's responsibility and the activities of a board are regulated by law, but not always, associations have no legal regulation. The Limited Companies Act is central in all respects and is used analogously

Professor Karen Helen Ulltveit-Mo, in her chronicle, "Support schemes - money-laundering or effective means?" In DN 30 August 2018 raises questions about, among other things, the justification of the SkatteFUNN scheme, which will cost the state more than NOK 4 billion for 2017. She points out that we could have done it without Tax Return. Of course, that's right. But it does not go ahead for

Nearly 4 years after the 1964 inheritance tax law was abolished, the question of reintroduction has again come to the fore. SV has announced a proposal to reintroduce the inheritance tax on inheritance and gifts. At the same time, the political picture is far more labile than before. The uncertainty will apply throughout the current Storting period. If SV through play from KrF should

The notification rules are included in Chapter 2 A of the Working Environment Act, but the Notification Committee has proposed a separate notification act. The idea is that the rules of the Working Environment Act and the new (possible) notification act should apply in parallel. The committee's report on notification has been sent for consultation, and the Ministry is now considering the consultation responses. We are probably one step closer to our own notification law. GHG has previously presented

GHG assisted in the successful registration of the cruise ship "Viking Jupiter" in the Norwegian International Ship Register ("NIS") on February 7, 2019. The ship was delivered by the Fincantieri shipyard in Ancona. GHG was represented by Attorney Pamela Kajic-Piplica and Attorney Sandra Ihlebæk at NIS's offices in Bergen. You can read more about the registration of "Viking Jupiter" on the Norwegian Maritime Directorate's website: