GHG assists clients in the entire field of “real estate law”, including purchase, sale and rental of real estate, both for residential and commercial purposes, including due diligence work. We also assist in the structuring and sale of housing projects to professional counterparts or to the retail market, with sectioning and the establishment of housing cooperatives, and mergers between housing cooperatives and the entire property company, according to the so-called «housing cooperative model».

Our lawyers also assist with corporate law mergers and mergers in real estate projects.




We can assist with: 

  • Purchase and sale of real estate
  • Planning and Building Law
  • Property Organization
  • Property rights and boundaries, neighboring conditions
  • Development agreements
  • Dispute Resolution

Bygge- og anleggsbransjen er en av de største og viktigste næringene i Norge med kompliserte og omfattende privatrettslige avtaler mellom aktørene. Behovet for rådgivning underveis i prosjektet er dermed voksende.

Our lawyers have broad expertise in construction and construction contracts, as well as manufacturing contracts for the offshore industry. We assist builders as well as consultants and contractors. Our main focus will always be to find the best legal and commercial solutions for your challenges.




We can assist with: 

  • Negotiations and signing of contracts
  • Ongoing advice during the projects
  • Dispute settlement
  • Design and quality assurance of contracts
  • Assist in final settlement