For companies that are economically disadvantaged in Norway, they can, again and again, need to hire workers only for a temporary period. Basically, employees in Norway find that they are hiring, without limitation

The Norwegian Employment Law (the Working Environment Act) opens when the possibility of exempt employment contracts in particular, provided for by law, in particular. (§ 14-9 paragraphs 1 a - f)

The work is of the kind here frozen, Item a

The law thus opens in point and the possibility that z. B. very strong seasonal work that provides the opportunity for a frozen employment contract. Examples are either the Christmas business or the tourism industry.

The representation of absent employees, point b

Point b opens the possibility of an exempted employment contract in cases where an absentee employee should be represented (temporary) Typical cases here are representations for non-resident workers who are in maternity protection or sick leave contracts.

Practice work, point c

The term practice work is not defined by law anymore. From the preliminary work to the law, you readily assume that this work is communal, which is in connection with an education or qualification within a field of specialization. This practice work can take place before, during or after the training and must, as a part, facilitate one of the specified training courses in this.

As a participant in a labor market measure, point d

At point d, the opportunity for the property includes a frozen employment relationship with employees who participate in a labor market measure under the auspices or under the auspices of the Norwegian Labor and Welfare Agency (NAV). The prerequisite is that such exempt employment contracts provide a work experience for people who have problems establishing themselves in the labor market.

Athlete, coach, referee and other executives in the field of organized sports, point e

With the aforementioned persons, the property is, however, possible a frozen employment relationship. The enumeration is conclusive, as purely management positions fall out of this circle. Organized sport means that the United Kingdom is planned and organized.

On a general basis for a period of 12 months, point f

This further possibility of an exempt employment relationship will be incorporated into the law in the year 2015. The Mitarbeiter can still carry out this prescriptive task, which, by the way, can both be tempted and enduring. In connection with this provision, which does not necessarily extend the possibility of a frozen employment relationship, a safety valve is nevertheless introduced. In this way, 15 % of the employee could have a single employment contract on a general basis for a company, in smaller companies at least one employee, if they were exceeded by 15 %. A frozen employment on a general basis can be agreed for up to 12 months. This form of frozen employment is thought to be a stepping stone in the labor market.

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