We work in the entire tax law area, with emphasis on issues related to corporate taxation, founding taxation, and tax and tax law issues for public companies. Our lawyers have broad expertise in international tax law and advise on corporate structures and transactions.

In addition, we work with issues related to R&D and tax. GHG is the foremost competence environment in Norway when it comes to Tax Financing and tax incentives for R&D abroad. We have assisted in both the formulation of current rules, the evaluation of the Tax Fund and advice on the interface between state aid and favorable national tax rules. We provide assistance to companies that wish to make use of SkatteFUNN, including handling disagreements between companies, the Research Council and the tax authorities.

We can assist with questions relating to optimization of value added tax, including in cross-border deliveries. In addition, we have experience in generational switching and transactions involving the transfer of IPR.




We can assist with:

  • Norwegian and international corporate and business taxation
  • Optimization of transactions, trade and establishment across borders
  • hoards
  • Value Added Tax, Customs and Tax
  • equation Management
  • Generational
  • Tax restructuring on acquisition and sale of business, and other restructuring
  • personal taxation
  • Choice of company form