Shipping has a long tradition in Norway and maritime law encompasses the rules within all aspects of shipping. Internationally, Norwegian shipping has also played a leading role for generations.

Our lawyers assist with transactions and dispute resolution in Norway and internationally in all areas of maritime operations, including the purchase and sale of ships, construction and repair contracts, financing, charter parties, cargo damages, collision, liability limitation, arrest and insurance etc. We have been for a number of years Norwegian correspondent for several International Group P&I clubs.




We can assist with: 

  • Sale and purchase of ships
  • Financing and sale / leaseback
  • Construction, repair and other types of contracts
  • Accident Assistance
  • Dispute settlement
  • Insurance
  • Assistance in projects and negotiations
  • Organization of the business
  • Tax
  • Cooperation agreements

Reglene innen transportretten avviker andre erstatningsregler når det kommer til ansvar for skade og forsinkelse av gods. Når det kommer til internasjonal transport er Norge bundet til EØS-reglene på området. For å kunne ivareta sine interesser på en best mulig måte er det viktig å ha oversikt over regelverket, det er der gode rådgivere kommer inn.

Our lawyers have broad expertise in international conventions and national laws that affect transport and freight forwarding, both by road, sea, rail, air and multimodal transport. We assist freight forwarders, transporters and clients in the transport sector with eg. counseling and procedure assignments in connection with cargo damage etc.




We can assist with:

  • Air, road, rail and maritime law issues
  • Finance
  • Logistics and freight forwarding
  • Negotiation assistance for purchase and sale
  • Insurance issues, coverage and liability
  • Dispute settlement
  • A reclaim